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Sunday, May 6, 2012


syukran | acrylic on canvas

Made this painting as a retirement gift for our boss... Ar. Dato' Nur Haizi, for architects in Malaysia should probably know her, at least her name. The gift was a personal gift from me and my husband, because we were quite close with her since my husband has a lot of job related with her. A very charismatic and respected person in her carrier and at the same time very thoughtful and motherly in person. May Allah bless her :) Syukran ....

image by radin via iphone

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brown on Brown

Still...this was done last year :) The lettering was done on recycled brown paper...yeah Go Green! Just a simple design. I've been longing to do the kalimah 'Allah Muhammad' in paper craft, and made this simple one for our neighbour next door as their wedding present. Hope they love it :)

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A Simple Birthday Card

Did a simple Birthday Card for my husband last February during my lunch break. Luckily there were stock of coloured paper at my office. By the way the beautiful coloured paper was a birthday gift for me from a very thoughtful friend, Nani. She really knows i love paper :)

So here it is the paper craft birthday card...doesn't it look just like my husband ;D

image by radin

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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Sweet Calligraphic

My previous artwork which was not published yet due to several unfortunate events since last November..but no worries, Im back now to update what you have missed for the past few months...hehe, some are as ordered by clients way back since October and November 2011 and some are just plain 'suke-suke' artwork just to pleasure myself while i was away

As for this entry, is a sweet paper craft calligraphic for a newly wed couple.

thanks to a dear close friend of mine, Nani for ordering this for her cousin :D

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty Butterflies for TWO

A butterfly theme for 2 cute little girls (which i never met, but im sure they are cute :D ) Qhadeja and Shuhada. It was apple green colour theme for Qhadeja while Blue & turquoise for Shuhada

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Surah Yaasin

The most delicate , complicated artwork i've ever done. It was a very close friend of mine who asked me a favor to do this for her new home...and i just couldn't resist it. It was time consuming, it took me for almost 4 months to complete it due to my busy office schedule....paint it little by little mostly during midnight :D The painting is acrylic on stretched canvas with the size of a door..(almost..hehe)

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