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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a kufi for a friend

I've been very fond of arabic calligraphy since my high school. I did learn couple of arabic calligraphy font types but never kufi. But still kufi is one of my fav due to its geometrical and clean cut pattern (Im a minimalist person by the way) . A close friend of us requested me to design his wedd card with khufi, it was an unconventional idea of him for a wedding card but I just love it! I only did the lettering design (printing was done by him). The lettering was A4 full and the card is foldable with different lettering on each face (hmm....i should take the whole page photo to show you how interesting it turns out).

modern khufi calligraphy wedding card, the front cover is written walimatulurus and once
you open the card the couple names appeard on each sides

as usual, all designs are from sketch, the couple names in progress
Lastly, thanks to our dear friend Fly from Madebyepik for allowing me to design his unconventional wedding card .. it was an honour :D 

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