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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have wanted to do this for ages. But it’s keep holding until my best friend and I started with our crafty project, early this year. During Chinese New Year holidays before I when back to Penang, I had buy two yarns and a needles to ensure I consign myself to do this project.

My mom said when I was in her tummy she starts doing this kind of project for her sister’s wedding. So I know where the eagerness comes from then. When I rejoice my ability to finish a simple pattern I still can’t believe that I finally can make this kind of craft! Bravo.

After that, I challenge myself for doing different patterns every week. And to my surprise it’s turn out beautifully (as for me).

So here are the flowers that I finally expert (kind of) I thinks, teehee.

For the first flower I called them, PANSY FLOWER.

As for now, I just attached them with hair clip. 

My second flowers,  CALENDULA FLOWER.

Calendula | As a Brooch 




Calendula | As a Headband

ZINNIA FLOWER as the third one

Red Zinnia as a brooch, and for the left flower I'm using cotton fabric

Purple Zinnia as a headband

Zinnia | The Read Series


Purple Buttercup as a brooch

The last one ( just for this post, I hope ) The PRIMROSE FLOWER

Baby Blue, Red, Purple and Blue

Red Primrose as a brooch, and for the left flower I'm using Satin Fabric

I do really hope in the future I can makes another flowers using new patterns and new colours. I really enjoy myself doing this crochet flowers and became addicted to me!

Big THANKS to my best friend, Isma and her talented husband Radin and also my lovely Daania ( their daughter ) for making the photo shoot session, my best Sunday April in 2011. Love you guys! Like Daania said, Muah muah =)

Isma (left)  and Me (right)

( now I know how hard to make a good pose, but if you had a very good photographer I guess we don't have to be so worries much ? Right ) huhu

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaa.... baik punyer pose!!! gud job.. hehehehe

  2. korang dah mcm artis la pulak..ahak..tabiikkk

  3. hahahaha,gila dok gelak lepas ambik. ok nampak sngt mmg x boleh nak model.kayu habis!