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Friday, May 13, 2011

Purely for Kids

Doing paper sculpture is such a delicate work and time consuming, but once its ready you'll be truely satisfied ( + sore fingers..haha) These were actually my recent completed job (well not soo recently) only that i just dont have time to update it here due to my hectic office schedule. Me & Hidayah are so busy at this moment till we cant hardly meet up... huah! So since that its Saturday night and almost 1am, it's time to upload some cutey pics of these cutey artworks while watching Glee.. yes! 

 The above artpiece is a simple floral theme for my cousin's daughter lil' Safiyyah. Flower pattern scrapbook paper as the background and purple colour artpaper as the lettering.

Its a boy theme! yeah.. My schoolmate ordered this for his son; Dzakir's 1st Birthday. It was fun because doing a boy theme is quite challenging i guess compared to girls theme. This time i design the letterings as part as the whole design. for eg. the 'dzal' and 'alif' is a street. I do handcut those tiny little other parts plus the tiny wooden swing.. hehe :)

These are my usual tools and materials for my paper craft. For those who wish to start your own paper sculpture artwork, the essential tool is the blade (the one with the red and black handle) Its a special knife designed to handle delicate and fine cutting and a good cutting mat. Other than that, just play with your imagination to add up the spice in your artwork with embellishments and patience (BIG one! :D)

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  1. Thanks a lot isem!!!! Suka!!!

  2. Thanks to u too Diah! glad u like it.. huhu :)