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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Calligraphic | Recent & Previous Works

Hello Crafttalers (is that a correct word?hehe) A NEW version of calligraphic is in the housssee!! :D When myself and Hidayah started this blog, we thought of doing something customizable as much as we can in each of our artwork and craft so that our client will feel that what they get is a masterpiece :D ( That is what we are trying to do ) It is time consuming but we just love it. I think that i had created hundreds of calligraphies since my schooldays and the evolution of calligraphy now days really influence my design throughout the years. I am not a calligrapy master but i love improvising the traditional form of arabic calligraphy to a more contemporary one ( I hope the arabic calligrapher old timers wont be mad at me :) )

Recent Works
Showcased are how i improvised the normal form of kufi (on the left) into a contemporary style of kufi (on the right) yet still maintaining the characteristic of each letter
Kufi | Nurul Azreen
Kufi | Idlan Rabihah
Kufi | Norzaiti | Mohd Faizal
I have fun doing this playing with curving effect for the middle one and applying the same effect as
the above 2 designs for the right ome

Previous Works
My previous work back in 2008. It was a couple name as their wedding gift
This is my home which was appeared in Impiana Magazine (Jun 2009). geeess.. how neat my house was compared to at this very moment...haha 

Noticed the black & white kufi on the olive green wall. I designed the 'kalimah - Subhanallah, Laihaillallah, Alhamdulillah' purely for my self and a good friend of mine (So only two of us have this design in the whole wide world.....wink*wink*) . Guess what, i painted it on leftover plywoods in my office, covered the plywood with tissues to create rustic effect and paint on top of it with leftover emulsion paint of mine. And lastly on top of it i used acrylic paint for the lettering (budgeted artwork i guess...haha)
Alot of people do contact me to have the design but during that time I have no plans of making this as a business.. So sorry guys (if you read this) for not releasing it to u guys. But this 2011 im planning to create a new & better version of it and the best part it... im going to SELL IT! :D.


So there you go guys. For those who are  interested in having a custom made calligraphic for personal use, house deco, gift... please dont hesitate to email us at crafttale@gmail.com for more details and quotation :D

|Isma of Crafttale|

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