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Friday, September 23, 2011

Turquoise Inspired Wedding

What is more exciting for girl/women to be part of wedding planner? I was so thrilled to be part of the team for a senior of mine back in UTM.. Zaiti's wedding. When I said exciting i think it's more referring to me than the bride because she were more freaking out with all the Things to do lists :D

Ok back to the exciting part that I have to accomplish. I designed the flower for her family members (only ladies).It was a lollipop flower with pearl on top of it. Since she is the bride, of course the color of the flower had to be agreed by her. Sorry for not having the close up pics of the lollipop flower because i was so busy during the process and even busier when it was completed.

aren't those lollipop flowers look cute on the ladies :)
Besides the lollipop flowers, we (my housemate, my sister and me) also helped to make decoration flowers and the birds. It was pretty fun during the colour selection by the bride, turquoise is so pretty when you cleverly play with the tone and white!

Owh, it was just not me. Isma also involved when she were asked to design the name of the bride and groom in khufi. Isma did posted in her previous entry.  The bride creatively designed the graphic as part of her wedding theme and printed it on her invitation card, decoration on the tables and entrance of the hall and as a thank you tag for door gifts. It was brilliant!

Wait! it’s just not us (Isma and me), remembered the talented photographer that I had mention on my previous post. Mr Radin. Yes, he was the official photographer of the day. On that note, I have to thank him because all the pictures here are taken from him and some from his web MadeByEpik. Teehee, tq Radin. Here are some of their outdoor photoshoots that i luv :D

The best part when helping someone with their wedding is to see the smile on their face on that BIG day. Although I did not attend the wedding, I’m 100% sure that there was a really big smile on the bride's face that day. To the bride and the groom, may happiness always be with both of you.

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